selling course


Learn how to become a professional seller, and the tactics to increase your sales


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Course program:

Sales fundamentals for beginners, from zero to record

1. Welcome to the sales world

• Nobody chooses to start from sales
• Everyone is a salesman
• Are you good at sales?
• “No sales” things that help you to get there

2. Controlling the Sale

• How to be in control, from “hello” to “goodbye”
• Be prepared
• Do not walk, build the road!
• Sales steps

3. Approach

• How to start well
• Reading the customer
• The enthusiastic idiot
• Bonus: Johns effect

4. Build the trust & discover needs

• Care, really!
• Discover needs
• Let him/her talk
• Bonus: problem/solutions

5. The hot button

• The ONE thing to close
• Tell a story
• If you want to gain a customer, treat him/her as a customer.
• Show him the value!

6. Overcoming objections

• His/her point of view.
• Ask what is important
• Distinguish yourself
• Bonus: create the need!

7. The Close

• When it is the time
• Drive him/her to sign
• Nice guys Finish lasts
• Bonus: The challenger sale

8. Follow up

• The customer is your first prospect
• Always be upselling
• Referrals

9. Phone vs Face to face

• Phone sales
• Field sales
• The customer service syndrome

10. Raise the bar

• How to stay up in the game
• Short term vs long term
• Celebrate results
• Do it more, do it better


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